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The Toledo Ladies for the Clubs is an organization of caring women dedicated to supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Toledo. TLC is comprised of a wide spectrum of great women that come from all walks of life including business owners, board members, executives, retirees and moms. We are open to any women who would be interested in helping us to help the Boys & Girls Clubs of Toledo by offering your time, talents and experience.

Our goal is to promote the great services provided by the Boys & Girls Clubs to our central city Toledo youth. By teaching, inspiring and educating others with our events, we hope they can share our passion to support such a necessary and valuable community organization. By the way, we also hope to have fun while serving such a great cause.

There are many ways to support us in addition to joining us, and we would welcome your support so please contact us to learn more about getting involved with TLC. 


Matt Reny: 419-241-4258


Toledo Ladies for the Clubs
Boys & Girls Clubs of Toledo
2250 N. Detroit Ave.
Toledo, OH 43606


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